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Indira Foods Product Range

Ragi Huri Hittu/Popped Finger Millet Powder

Ragi Huri Hittu or Finger Millet Popped Powder is a natural and healthy food for all ages. Make delicious Breakfast, Light Dinner, Pre & Post Workout drinks. See whats possible...


Ragi Instant Breakfast Mixes

Ragi or Finger Millet with all its taste and health benefits are combined with traditional Idli and Dosa for a scrumptious and tasty breakfast option. See what's possible...


Tasty & Convenient Cooking Pastes

Our range of 100% natural cooking pastes and tasty instant rasam pastes will add convenience and yet retain the traditional taste and flavour. See what's possible...

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Lip-Smacking Premium Ketchup & Jam

Our range of Premium Thick Tomato Ketchup and Tasty Mixed Fruit Jam are made from top grade ingredients and retain the original lip-smacking taste. See what's possible...

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